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Sanoen is a digital publisher, specializing in educative and interactive children stories.

Our stories are original ones, thought out through digital creativity. We use the many possibilities that digital books offer: interactivity, games, music, narration, surprises, animation… to offer quality multimedia content.

We want to offer new interactive literary experiences without relegating our main objective, reading.

With original music composed for each story.

Educational commitment:

As parents we know that our children deserve stories that entertain them and appeal to their intelligence. Our first collection “Sarah Little Fairy”, explains current events to children, bringing fantasy and reality together.

To stimulate language in the little ones: vocabulary books recommended for children from 0 to 5 years.

Pedagogical content endorsed by children education and early stimulation professionals.

Multilingual stories:

Spanish, English, French, Catalan, German and Chinese.

Who we are

We are parents with a project and a great team of professionals that accompanies us on our path.

We promote the importance of reading and believe that learning has to be enjoyable for the child. Through stories we want to increase their knowledge about major world issues. How would you explain the crisis to your children? What’s Alzheimer’s?

This can all be comprehensively explained through stories.

We are betting on digitial books to offer new reading experiences.

But.. how does it all begin?

It all begins with curious children and their questions: -What’s the crisis? What’s wrong with Grandma? …and parents concerned about giving their children entertaiment and knowledge, professionals with an eterprising spirit who love new technology.

Our inspiration are the children themselves, those who want to know everything about everything.

That’s how Sanoen and our first story collection for iPad and Kindle were born and also from enthusiasm, ideas, knowledge, the heart, dedication, and enery.

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The Company  |  The Creators  |  Our values

A great team of professionals, collaborators and friends:

Artists, writers, musicians, engineers, programmers, translators, narrators, pedagogists… Each one bringing us their value and knowledge, while learning everyday and working on something we are enthusiastic about.

We also have an exceptional group of quality controllers: Who better to test the products than kids themselves?

During the development process, our digital natives try the apps; their “feedback” is fundamental for fine-tunin our products, we have a lot to learn from children..

Thanks to everyone
for being part of
the Sanoen team!

Marga M. Garriga
Managing Partner

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The Company  |  The Creators  |  Our values

  • Creative thinking
  • Educational commitment
  • A “digital native” spirit
  • Literary concerns
  • Professionalism
  • And lots of optimism…

Children, our inspiration. Our proposal:

  • Promote reading
  • Develop the imagination
  • Stimulate creativity
  • Culturally enrich kids
  • Improve their ability to understand
  • Develop their ability to communicate, increase and enrich their vocabulary
  • Strengthen the joy of learning
  • Without forgetting fun and entertaiment

Our maxim:

To offer quality content and only digital stories that our own children enjoy.

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